Julia Drouhin (AUS/FRA)
Julia Drouhin's collective project (remove italics)"Radiophony: Haunted Air" consisted of 18 artists from France, UK, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. Thanks to Frédéric Acquaviva, Sébastien Béranger, Dinah Bird, Colin Black, Andrea Cohen, Beatriz Ferreyra, Michel Guillet, Coraline Janvier, Wayn Malm, NOUS (Annabelle Blin + Joël Riff), Joachim Montessuis, Philippe F. Roux, Gaël Segalen, Aymeric de Tapol, Dudu Tsuda, Valérie Vivancos, Robin Warren, Gregory Whitehead.

Julia Drouhin was born in Strasbourg. She completed her doctorate in aesthetics, science and technology in arts at the University Paris 8 in 2011, about "the art of walking, creating in the footsteps of artist wanderers, theoretical elements for a moving sound mapping of expanding ambulation spaces". Julia has shared sound drifts, radiophonic creations, installations or performances since 2003. She coordinates the international event Radiophonic Creation Day with Coraline Janvier, 24 hour broadcast radio art in radios and galleries around the world on the same day, as well as the festival Kontact sonoreS (Burgundy – France). Julia was an interarts and performances researcher for the festival Dark MOFO, Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania.

Radiophony: Haunted Air
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Radiophony: Haunted Air install shot
Photos: Aaron Horsley
Radiophony: Haunted Air - Drive in Radio
Photos: Aaron Horsley