Black Magic | White Magic is a performance about intimate, ritualised and creative relations to personal
computer and operating systems. Two chamanic women play with a linux and a macintosh equiped laptop, as well as with some diaphanous projection screens. They wish to demonstrate their comprehension and masteristation of their tools. Slowly they face the contemplative, absurd or irreductible dimensions of those universes and materialities. The piece poses a poetic, ironical and humourous glance on daily gestures, aesthetic, rituals, power and fragility which are at stake in these complex relationships. By doing so, it suggests to reenchant computer mediated modus operandi.

Anne Goldenberg is interested in the political, epistemic and poetic aspects of collaborative platforms and participative devices. She has a PhD in Communication (UQAM, Montreal) and in Sociology (Unice, Nice) and wrote her thesis on "The Negotiation of Contributions in Public Wikis". This theoretical work led her to observe the poetics of collective contributions through various forms – multimedia, social sculpture, performance and installation. Inspired by free culture, she mostly explores the relationships between digital material, participative devices, the public and collective action. She facilitates open spaces and booksprints, and likes to make visible, readable and malleable the processes of co-construction of knowledge.

Karine Rathle is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and dance scientist with experience in ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, Pilates, Somatics, Argentinean tango and folkloric dance. She has extensive experience working as a teacher and rehearsal director with dancers in Canada, Argentina and the UK. After the completion of an MSc Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, she also works as a researcher applying science to help enhance dancers’ performance health and well-being. Karine’s creative work is fueled by an interest in developping a multidisciplinary, personal and authentic language. Extending beyond the perceived limits of the physical, Karine’s voyage of discovery aspires to integrate the movement, the image and the theatrical aspect in both her creation, and her performance of dance.

Image credit (left): Photo of Anne Goldenberg by Thien V Vo
Anne Goldenberg (FRA/CAN) and Karine Rathle (CAN/UK)
Black Magic | White Magic
Black Magic | White Magic Performance still
Photo Aaron Horsley
Black Magic | White Magic Performance still
Photo: Aaron Horsley