A series of events inspired by computer culture. Artists, programmers and thinkers from the frontline of the maker aesthetic.

Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits (NAF:TMFC) was a durational event that included symposia, exhibition, performances, workshops and social gatherings that took place in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 31 May - 30 June 2013 at Contemporary Art Tasmania (CAT), the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania and on the Internet.

NAF:TMFC brought together leading Australian and International artists and educators whose work responds to the emergent conditions of a networked world; a realm increasingly transmitted through fiber and code. Early-career Tasmanian artists were invited to respond to the work and ideas generated through the project. Participants are encouraged to adopt a feminist and holistic approach to digital culture, using various aesthetic tools and means to explore systems that enable insightful experiences with our increasingly machine based and interconnected existence.

The project was developed by Nancy Mauro-Flude founder of Hobart-based Medaia Salon - Miss Despoinas, in conjunction with CAST.

The program was in two parts. The first will comprised a ritual of theory, practice and hands-on critical exchange through experiential learning events that occurred over three days: 31 May - 2 June 2013 in the CAST Gallery. The second part will involved the various outcomes of this dynamic event and was generated and presented in the gallery between 3 - 30 June 2013. The latter will also include a networked performance program that both realised and explored the ideas and projects generated during NAF:TMFC and continue the dialogue ignited by the intensive 3-day period of exchange.

NAF:TMFC was a satellite event of the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013) and partnered the Museum of New and old Art [MONA] as part of Dark MOFO 2013 for the presentation of Notorious R&D at CAST Saturday 23 May.

Project Personnel
Kylie Johnson – CAST facilitator and co-producer

object design, holistic engineering, live code, programmed divination, radical listening, bricoleur computing, black mirror space, ritual access, signal processing, emergent tech, fembot folklore, instrumental empathy, talisman app-cessory, participatory culture, sustainable magick circuits, enchanting backdoor thresholds, kinetic imagination, portholes & gateways, computational powers and actuators

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Contemporary Art Services Tasmania (CAST) is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its principle arts funding body, and by the Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments, and is assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Nancy Mauro-Flude – Miss Despoinas Founder, NAF:TMFC curator, co-convenor and co-producer and Post Production

Pip Stafford – CAST Communications