Mez Breeze (AUS)
[DE]SCRIPT: #Prepare [or: “Previously, on Mezangelle…]#


#Mezangelled_Txt_HoStages vs HosT[r]esses #AllYourSpamBelongsToUs #UShouldNotHaveCome#

[or: welcome_2_the_Host_On(+Off)slaught].


+cOded_crooning_in_eBony_velvet_dress(senses) #while #u h[gl]immer + sh[r]aft_ur_own.

Meanwhile, I’ll #head_#[s]tilt+stream[|pm]_tingle.


“Not since the work of James Joyce has any one person so creatively explored layers upon layers of dimensional linguistic meaning as the writer/artist Mez Breeze.” (-Séamas Cain, the 2012 International Conference of ICIS).
Mez Breeze is the Creative Director of "Mez Breeze Design" (@MezBreezeDesign), a Digital Design Agency And Consulting Group that focuses exclusively on bespoke digital product (including illustration, logo creation, design fiction, journalism, blogging, copywriting, transmedia, multimedia, graphic design, game scripting/writing and applied social media). Mez is also an internationally-renowned digital artist and electronic literature creator who is also mildly (read: madly) obsessed with all things tech.
_Tactical M[ez_tr]agic: Hostage_Stage + [st]Ream_Spam_
_Tactical M[ez_tr]agic: Hostage_Stage + [st]Ream_Spam_
Mez Breeze, remote performance presented at CAST 2013
Screenshot/Performance still : Nancy Mauro-Flude
_Tactical M[ez_tr]agic: Hostage_Stage + [st]Ream_Spam_
Photo Aaron Horsley
_Tactical M[ez_tr]agic: Hostage_Stage + [st]Ream_Spam_
Performance still
Photo: Julia Drouhin