Rahni Allan (AUS)
Rahni is a Tasmanian based artist who describes herself as an art-scientist. "There is a poetry that mimics our existence in the space between art and science. I play with this space where science and fiction coalesce. I construct sets, stories, images, machines and ‘art-scientific’ investigations, armed with and bound only by truth and imagination."
Responding Artist
Smartphone Satellite Love Letter to the Universe TEST #1 ( SSLLUT #1 )
Artist Run Scientific Enterprises (ARSE) invites you to the launch of the first prototype communication and exploration satellite device SSLLUT #1.. SSLUT #1 is part of an ongoing project called Signaling the Stars which is a dialogue between the artist and the universe. In my mission to communicate my love to the universe, ARSE has designed several helium balloon launches to in various forms including orgone energy coils, love letters and Morse code.

SSLLUT #1 is ARSES first attempt at a satellite inspired transmission; a live video call made to an Android device, attached to 24 helium filled balloons that was released from CAST car park and streamed live into the CAST Gallery.

This part. Writing a response that is the worst part. Never do that again.

First of all; Wow! What a month. It has been a true privilege to work for (and with) so many wonderful genius ladies, also it’s worth noting that I had no idea Kylie (CAT) was such a frickn legend, you all deserve a crate of the finest.

NAF: TMFC has been a remarkable journey. I know this because I am still processing the skills, information and experience and I am sure that I will continue draw links and utilise the tools, skills and opportunities made available in this forum. In part I am still processing due to the intensity of a prolific month of events including. I admit it was a challenging creative month where I played integral parts in my sisters wedding, Dark Mofo, Red Queen, ISEA Art(ist)s in Space Panel and NAF: TMFC, but they all presented unique and wonderful opportunities too good to miss. Whilst it is possible that had I been available to immerse in the workshops, events and especially the Sunday sessions other opportunities and development may have occurred. The injection of information and the pace of this month however, gave me valuable insight into my ability and I was able to push my project, ideas, skills and networking in ways that were only possible due to the support and influence exclusive to NAF:TMFC.

From the workshops I did attend I would like to note that Florian Cramer’s inspirational examination of technology, or digital culture and the Occult changed me. As a teen I studied the Occult almost obsessively (so my Mum says). I compiled books full of notes and practiced techniques associated with the occult, mainly forms of divination such as sacred geometry, the kabala, astrology and alchemy. As a recent graduate of Art School I felt the sterility of institutionalisation had cast my practice upon the fringe of some kind of deranged or impenetrable field. Suddenly I found myself sitting in Florian Cramer’s art forum, realising the value of such a position. I possess a wealth of knowledge that I have never given credit to, despite its obvious presence in my art practice. I realised that it is possible to include these ideas with integrity and continue to explore the links between culture, art, myth, history and the Occult as inclusive, not exclusive to my practice. (Duh!)

Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev’s Networkshop opened up an entire new area of exploration for my practice. As an artist with no prior experience in programming and only the most basic computer skills I was frustrated by my inability to crack into computer programming and technology let alone use it to my advantage. I am now able to push past these limitations and can envision how I can integrate the tools and skills acquired into existing and future projects.

I think my experience of Networkshop was an apt introduction and conclusion to my overall experience with NAF: TMFC. During the final night of the workshop, whist downing a much-deserved white wine, Vasilivez asked me how I found the workshop. My head was still reeling. I believe I said something like “I have been given the keys to a door. I am yet to fully comprehend what is behind that door or perhaps which door and indeed where exactly the door is located; but I am absolute in the awareness that I have been privy to something remarkable.” He informed me that we had just taken in an exceptional amount of information over that weekend and that he hoped that he would one day see the results. I said I wasn’t really sure what to do with it but I did want to know if it would be possible to apply the same techniques taught in Networkshop to intercept a satellite to piggyback and send a message into outer space. He said it was indeed possible. Quickly the focus was distracted by wine and new conversation but I realised I was left with three remarkable potent words.
It is possible.

NAF:TMFC presentation desk. featuring Rahni Allen's video stream from HELIUM BALLOON LAUNCH # 5 Smartphone Satellite Love Letter to the Universe TEST #1 ( SSLLUT #1 )
Photo: Nancy Mauro-Flude
HELIUM BALLOON LAUNCH # 5 Smartphone Satellite Love Letter to the Universe TEST #1 ( SSLLUT #1 )
Photo: Aaron Horsley
HELIUM BALLOON LAUNCH # 5 Smartphone Satellite Love Letter to the Universe TEST #1 ( SSLLUT #1 )
Video: Emma Bugg