Linda Dement (AUS)
Linda Dement has worked in arts computing since 1989 with an earlier background in photography, film, and video. She works at the intersections of bodies and technology, code and flesh, dramas of the psyche and programmed activity. She has produced digital still images, interactive screen based works, augmented reality and collaborated on complex installations including trans-local networked performance events, robotic kinetic fluid installation and sensor driven roller derby interaction.

Linda's work has been widely exhibited internationally and locally, including at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Ars Electronica in Austria, International Symposia of Electronic Art in Sydney and Montreal, the Impakt Media Arts Festival in the Netherlands and Transmediale in Berlin. She is twice winner of the Australian National Digital Art Award and has been awarded a New Media Arts Fellowship by the Australia Council for the Arts.

KILL FIX is a narrative of want and damage, of pest and poisoner, of bodies in desire and pain connected via toxic trails through biology, territory, regulations and dreams. Networks of chemicals and want transposed to digital pathways of code, signals and servers, are driven by hunger and fear, want and ruin, desire and consequent harm.
Kill Fix screen shots
Photos by Miss Despoinas