Florian Cramer (GER/NL)
Florian Cramer is an international artist and academic who regularly exhibits, publishes and presents lectures on topics ranging from DaDa to Internet Culture. Cramer has made a significant contribution to the critical dialogue surrounding emergent technologies in art. He is a tenured research professor at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Part-time program curator at WORM, Rotterdam and Director of research at Center Creating 010, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Florian has published papers in the areas of; code poetry, comparative studies in the literature and the arts, modernism, text theory, literature and computing. He is a regular contributor to online forums, digests and zines including - Nettime, Neural, Mute, Junk Jet and Fucking Good Art. He also collaborated on the runme.org Software Art repository and edited the Unstable Digest of code poetry.

Magick vs. magic in digital culture
Keynote Speaker
Post-Digital Aesthetics in Contemporary Art
According to Aleister Crowley, one of the founders of the 20th century occult underground, "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will". By spelling magick with "ck", he sought to differentiate it from the secularized, pop-cultural "magic" performed as tricks in circuses and on fairs. Nevertheless, Crowley's "magick" became pop culture as well: in 1960s underground movies to 1980s industrial music, to name only a few. Does computer and hacker culture mark the ultimate point of convergence of "magic" and "magick"? What is the occult underground in computing? And how does relate to contemporary art and design experimentations with the medium? This talk will attempt to trace "magic" and "magick" from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band via disk defragmenting software to contemporary memes and the Anonymous movement.

Media experimentation in contemporary art has shifted towards the analogue. Small edition artist's books and zines, 8/16mm film and analog photography are booming. In contrast to what the motto of ISEA2013 says, resistance to electronic arts is everything but futile. This talk will sketch why the post-digital and neo-analog are more than retro trends.

Key note, Florian Cramer, speaks on Day 01 of NAF:TMFC
Photo: Aaron Horsley
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