Francesca Da Rimini (AUS)
Straw crown. Lizard with lazy eye. Visions and insurrections.

Hexecutable is a maze, an evolving circuit diagram, located in the legendary online community LambdaMOO. Current flows through the circuit until it returns to the source, a source that is constantly changing. Capacitor accumulates power, then releases it in a sudden blinding burst, billions of volts transmuted from 240 and then BaMM, liberated all at once in a glorious millisecond.

The Oracle Fury and her morphs invite travellers to share arcane knowledges about plants’ healing properties. Wisdom once transmitted through crone networks finds new conductors for current flows, triggering ecstatic frequencies of telepaths, warriors, and witches.

Francesca da Rimini produces decommodifed forms of artistic expression (free art). In 1999 she was awarded an Australia Council New Media Fellowship. She has exhibited, performed, and published experimental works combining old and new media on various platforms including fiction, journalism, MOOs, network visualisations, philosophy, photography, poetry, sensor-driven art, Super 8 and 16mm film, video art, Virtual Reality Modelling Language, web spaces, and zines. da Rimini was a founding member of identity_runners, Bumpp, and acclaimed cyberfeminist collective VNS Matrix, and has worked with de Quincy Company, mervin Jarman’s iStreet Lab, Mongrel, and sound artists Michael Grimm, Daniele Salvati, and Jason Sweeney. She has collaborated with strangers, building interactive textual spaces exploring identity and desire in online performative contexts. Her award-winning hypertext labyrinth dollspace continues to be included in electronic writing and media art syllabi, and survey shows. It is occasionally appropriated and transformed. And rightly so.

online environment at LambdaMOO; zine
LambadaMOO install shot
Photo: Aaron Horsley